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Organimix® Fine Grade Compost 3/8"

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Organimix® Compost processed through a 3/8" screen.  A very fine product, best used as a soil amendment for your annual garden beds, raised beds or potting mixes. Topdress around transplants or mix in to the top 2-3 inches of soil in garden beds/raised beds/pots. Additionally, it can be used as a topdressing for your lawn in place of commercial fertilizer. 

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by Midwest Organics Recycling

Organimix® compost meets the highest standards in the composting industry. Organimix® is an Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI) Listed® product for use in certified organic food production. As members of the United States Composting Councils Seal Testing of Assurance (STA) program, our compost is tested throughout the year to ensure we are providing high quality compost to our customers. Click on links below to learn more about OMRI and the STA Program.

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